Lost in Post

On rare occasions items do go missing. If you are unfortunate enough to experience this we will offer you either a replacement item or a refund.

For all orders placed within the UK
we must allow 10 working days to pass before the parcel can officially be declared lost. If after 10 working days your order still hasn't arrived please contact our Customer Services team at helpdesk@watchshop.com.

For all orders placed outside the UK we must unfortunately allow 21 working days to pass. There are additional complications when shipping internationally that must be taken into account (for example customs delays). After 21 working days if your order still hasn't arrived please contact our Customer Services team as above.

If you urgently require your order we recommend that you place a second one, safe in the knowledge that we will process a refund for you if the original doesn't arrive. If it does arrive simply return it to us and our Returns team will process a refund for you on receipt.

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