Replacement Batteries

If your watch has stopped it is strongly advised that you return it to us rather than take it to a 3rd party for a battery replacement.

The reason for this is that, depending on the nature of the fault, a replacement battery may not fix the problem. Worse still, a 3rd party repair could damage the item and potentially invalidate the manufacturer's warranty.

Returning the item to us ensures you receive the expert care of our Returns department. If the watch is in need of a replacement battery then, depending on the type of watch and time you have owned it, we may be able to replace it for free.

If the watch needs to go back to the manufacturer or there is a charge to replace the battery we will discuss it with you before taking further action.

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    Cretia Colligan

    DKYN 8818 unfortunately I have only just read the comments regarding replacement batteries! I have today spent £8.00 to have mine replaced! The till receipt I was hoping to include in this email is not possible as you do not have the facility! The jeweller that replaced the battery is reputable! On a watch hardly 2 months old I was disappointed to have to do this! Please advise! C Colligan

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    Tom R

    Hi Cretia, thanks for your message and apologies for the late reply. If you could contact today, and mark your email for the attention of Tom, I'd like to put this right for you.

    Thanks and have a great day!

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